Health and Wellbeing Resources

Intergenerational exchange - Recreational activities. Costa Rica.

Meadows School Project - Full Intergenerational Immersion Project, 2000-2008. British Colombia, Canada. (Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.) Click to download the toolkit.

Trading Skills between Ages. (8-15 year olds in deprived areas of South Ribble and members of Age Concern). Funded by The Rank Foundation. The aim is to recruit volunteers to work with the pupils to combat obesity, promote the benefits of healthy eating, exercise, citizenship and other relevant skills.

Federation of Stadium Communities (2007-2008)
Three ‘Extra Time' intergenerational reminiscence projects at Port Vale FC, Shrewsbury Town FC and AFC Telford United.

Intergenerational Landed Learning Project (2007-2008: Canada).
The challenge of fostering environmental care and concern through bringing children and community elders (retired farmers and gardeners) together to grow food crops on an urban farm. The groups meet at the farm throughout the school year to plan, plant, nurture and harvest the food and flowers.

Arun Intergenerational Project
A series of events over a two year period involving Age Concern, focused around the Community strategy "Our Kind of Place", health, education and leisure. 

Oldham ‘Better Together' Project. Encouraging healthier eating and more physical activity.