Learning and Teaching Resources

Intergenerational practice in museums. Support for intergenerational practice by Museums Galleries Scotland.

  The value of cultural learning in the 21st century. Article by Anna Cutler: What Is To Be Done, Sandra? Learning in Cultural Institutions of the Twenty-First Century.

Engage 25:Family learning. This publication examines the challenges of researching family learning and looks at how galleries and museums can best cater simultaneously for different age groups with very different needs and learning styles.

Intergenerational Cooking Clubs. Leeds Trinity University College.

MagicMe: The UK's leading provider of intergenerational arts projects. Download Magic Me project reports, articles, publications and soundfiles.

 Timescapes Projects
Study funded by the ESRC. They explore how personal and family relationships develop and change over time. The focus is relationships with significant others: parents, grandparents, siblings, children, partners, friends and lovers.See also - The Dynamics of Motherhood.

Resource Pack
If you are interested in setting up an Intergenerational Project of your own, Darlington Council offers you free resources and templates.

Raising standards through community involvement and raising self-esteem- a case study from the Citizen Foundation.