Policy Papers and Reports

2010 publications


  Intergenerational practice: outcomes and effectiveness
Kerry Martin, Iain Springate and Mary Atkinson
Research report, June 2010. (Available as free PDF file).

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) was commissioned by the Local Government Association to examine what works in IG practice. 5 projects cover a range of foci and target groups (football, arts, knife crime, living history, and personal and social education).

2009 publications

Achieving intergenerational fairness in employment policies and practice. Published by the Intergenerational Futures All Party Parliamentary Group. Retirement should be seen perhaps as a process rather than an event. This report looks at the current situation, the challenges and the opportunities for change and also articulates the business case for reform.

Ageing Artfully by the Baring Foundation. Older people and professionally participatory arts in the UK. (PDF)

All Our Futures: Planning for a Scotland with an Ageing Population. Stakeholder Events: 14 Nov. 2008 - 3 June 2009. Combined report of seven events. For reports from the individual events at Inverness, Dumfries, Aberdeen and Perth go to Age Concern website.

Attitudes to Age in Britain: 2004-08.  Department of Work and Pensions.
Key intergenerational message -
"There is substantial distance between generations; older and younger people find their friendships primarily within rather than across age groups. A policy to build a society for all ages must include ways of building stronger connections and bridges between older and younger people. This can be achieved, in part, through families and intergenerational programmes, but also through restructuring work and employment in a more flexible way. It is important that intergenerational programmes establish clear objectives and that their outcomes are monitored carefully to reduce rather than reinforce age group distinctions."

Demographic change, generations and the life course by Professor Sarah Harper, University of Oxford.

Family structures and intergenerational transfers of learning: changes and challenges  by John Jessel, Department of Educational Studies, University of London Goldsmiths College.(2009).

Stories Old and New: Migration and identity in the UK heritage sector.

  Unlocking our Potential: Older People - A Key to Scotland's Future? Report from the inaugural event by National Forum on Ageing Futures Group. 

2008 publications

Intergenerational Forums: A Collaborative Community Approach to Developing an IG Agenda. A Centre for Intergenerational Practice publication. Based on a 10 month pilot study, it provides a framework to develop strategic partnerships to support local intergenerational programmes and policies.

Camden Council Project Profile (2006-2008) During the last few years, Camden Council has carried out a baseline survey of intergenerational work and documented intergenerational initiatives, projects and programmes across the borough.

Timescapes - ‘Masculinities, Identities and Risk: Transition in the Lives of Men as Fathers': University of Leeds, 2008. (PDF file)

Intergenerational projects: University of Leeds.
The Timescapes projects are gathering information about individual social experience and building pictures of contexts through exploring family and close relationships, friendships, localities and patterns of interaction and subjective experiences over time. 

2007 publications

The Dynamics of Motherhood: An Intergenerational Project by Leeds University School of Sociology and Social Policy. It forms part of the first longitudinal study funded in the UK of family life and history.

Other women's projects:

  Bellingham Intergenerational Project ( matters of personal safety).

  Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) women's project (in Glasgow).