TAG Theatre at Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway

This collaborative project involved a professional theatre company (TAG), an amateur dramatic society (Birchvale Players) and Dalbeattie High School.
TAG is the part of the Citizens Theatre involved in producing professional touring productions as well as creative learning projects.  View YouTube video of the work of TAG, including interviews with a number of collaborators and a special appearance from Ewan McGregor. Photos on this page by Allan Devlin (except for Christmas play).
Birchvale Players  is an Amateur Dramatic Club based at Birchvale Theatre in Dalbeattie which annually produce:-
• Two Full Length Plays
• A Pantomime
• A Programme of One Act Plays
It has its own 78-seat theatre in the grounds of Dalbeattie Primary School.

Dalbeattie High School is a small rural school which prides itself in its warm and friendly atmosphere. As the roll of the school is only around 380 pupils with 40 staff, it has a close community connection.

The overall aim of the project was to generate a positive community attitude to young people, to increase young people's skills, knowledge and confidence, to generate an understanding of the benefits of engaging positively with the community through action and to develop social skills while working with adults. One of the key purposes of this project was to engage young people in a professional theatre experience and to encourage the school to establish a drama department - the latter is now fully established. The project involved three years of performances, joint workshops and planning and collaboration between three different sectors. In addition, young people addressed community councils and area committees about the work of the project with the support of Dumfries and Galloway Council. Photo Above (Credit : Tim Morozzo) In December 2009, TAG produced Dalbeattie High School's Christmas play - A Christmas Carol. This was a collaborative production with generous support from the Big Lottery Fund. 

This project has given young people the unusual experience of having a professional theatre company work intensively in their school. Similarly Birchvale Players worked with TAG and therefore further opportunities arose to work with young people locally which has left a positive impression. In addition, TAG ran a very successful acting and play-writing class which was an excellent way of bringing together young and old together to collaborate creatively.

Birchvale Players said:
Young and old treated with respect and as equals and encouraged always.
I enjoyed it thoroughly and felt the young people had a good rapport with the 'golden oldies'.

A student said:
It has been great to work with adults as they have more experience and I have gained some of that knowledge.

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