Worldwide Links

  Dr. Jack Rowe, Chair of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society (December 14, 2009). In this video clip (3 minutes) he talks about  the need to break down the barriers which prevent older adults being productive members in an equitable society. More information at

European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research - Policy Brief July 2010 

This paper (available as PDF download) addresses the issue of policy challenges with respect to intergenerational solidarity. What international policy frameworks have been identified and how are European societies responding to them? It is based upon authors' presentation - "Policies and Actions in Europe for an Active and Healthy Ageing".

  Add Life Toolkit

This European Tool Kit introduces best practice in intergenerational learning developed in the ADD LIFE project. If you are interested in opening your University to mixed-age learners and investigating how the generations can learn from each other, you will find useful information in six languages (CZ, DE, EN, ES, FI, HU).

  EAGLE  ‘European Approaches to Inter-Generational Lifelong Learning' 

The 2008 EAGLE Toolkit for Intergenerational Activities provides a framework for practitioners, but also for policy makers and educators to develop intergenerational programmes based analysed good practice.  

  Generations United

GU is the national membership organization for the USA focused solely on improving the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational strategies, programs, and public policies.

The Intergenerational Centre, Temple University, Philadelphia is a resource for intergenerational programmes.