New Spin Project, Leith, Edinburgh

Overview - updated June 2012
The New Spin project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, started in January 2010 and is ongoing. In this time over 150 individuals (90 younger and 65 older) have participated in the project. The project is a partnership project between the Pilmeny Development Project and the Citadel Youth Centre.

The project delivers a range of intergenerational opportunities, including a weekly drop in café, arts projects, bowls, cooking sessions, jewellery making and holiday trips. Apart from the trips that are one off opportunities, the intergenerational work has been either continuous, or 8-10 week programmes, in order to allow relationships to develop and an understanding between generations to flourish.

Benefits for the Community 
New Spin aims to improve community cohesion in Leith by building relationships between older and younger generations. It has been important to run this project to improve relationships between generations in Leith, and help to combat social isolation of vulnerable older and younger people. New Spin aims to utilise the assets of both generations to benefit both groups and the community as a whole and enable people to feel more valued and included in the wider community. Evaluation of the project has shown that both younger and older people feel more positively engaged in the community and there is greater understanding between the generations. 

Benefits for the Younger People 
Participating in the project had also improved the younger people’s self confidence and older people’s attitudes have changed towards them. It has also given the younger people a chance to learn new skills. 
Younger people now feel less stigmatised and more comfortable in the company of older people as this younger person states: "I used to think old people were a bit scary but now I think they are good fun.” "I saw George on the bus... and was pleased to have his company for the journey."

Benefits for the Older People
Participation in the project has resulted in older people feeling less isolated and has improved their self confidence.  Younger people now view older people with a positive attitude and a level of respect as this older participant relays:"It has shown me that these are approachable young people, whereas my feeling before was general wariness. We're building bridges."

"I no longer feel like I'm invisible. It's great when I am recognised in the street and treated as an equal.

This project contributes to the Scottish National Performance Framework (NFP):

Scottish NFP Objectives
The main NFP objective that this project contributes to is:
Safer and Stronger aims to help local communities to flourish and become stronger, safer places to live.

These NFP objectives could also apply:
Wealthier and Fairer will support activities that address inequalities and enhance skills, employability and job opportunities. It builds on the characteristics of solidarity, cohesion and sustainability to ensure that all of Scotland has an opportunity to flourish.  
Healthier will enable people to live longer and healthier lives.
Social Cohesion brings together people from different backgrounds and promotes development of communities that value diversity. Individuals share a sense of belonging and work together to make their area a better place.

Scottish NFP Outcomes
We have strong, resilient and supportive communities where people take responsibility for their own actions and how they affect others: Being part of a strong community gives us the support we need locally. It minimises crime, antisocial behaviour and their social and economic costs.

Our young people are successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens:  To
enable children, young people and (subsequently) adults to thrive from an early age, and make a positive contribution in the 21st century.



Email: Andy Skea   Cidadel Youth Centre, New Spin Project website

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